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About Us

Right in the middle of Sorica, a small village where vast fields and meadows meet the forest under the mountains, we can find the Macesen Inn. It opened its door in 2001 in the community house. The idea for the inn grew out of our wish to offer a little piece of ourselves and the local hospitality. We wish to create a friendly atmosphere for our guests to experience the traditional environment of the village inn where they can enjoy the local specialties. But our range of products and services does not consist only of excellent food and beverages. In the same building there is also a multi-purpose hall with the traditional Slovene kozolec (a hayrack), accommodation rooms and a wellness oasis with saunas and a gym.

The Macesen Inn consists of four separated parts:

The space in the basement can take 20 guests and is used for daily socialising with friends while watching a sports game on the TV or playing table football. It is also perfect for small group celebrations.

The main space is divided into two rooms where we can serve up to 30 or 45 people. For big events, such as anniversary celebrations or wedding receptions, there is a hall which seats up to 100 people. The feature that makes it unique is kozolec (a hayrack) which is a typical part of Slovene rural folklore. The inn has two terraces; one in front where you can enjoy in the afternoon sun while a gentle breeze brushes your skin, and one in the back. The latter is covered with roof, which makes it possible to enjoy coffee outside even when it is raining.

A small bar in the second floor offers refreshments during relaxation in the spa or work out in the gym.

There is a big parking lot next to the inn where your vehicle will be parked safely. Right next to the parking lot, you will find also a playground which provides a fun time in nature with your children.

Warmly welcome to the Macesen Inn.