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You can choose from a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, and an infrared sauna. It is a perfect place for relaxation and rest.

Massage facilities

By prior reservation, we offer a wide range of massages on the second floor which we dedicated to relaxation and wellness. Let the skillful hands calm you down and enjoy the comfort.

Tui na full-body massage
Tui na is an ancient form of therapy that originates from China. It is used as a means of prevention from diseases as it strengthens the immune system, stimulates blood circulation, reduces tension in the body, improves flexibility, and helps towards general physical well-being. Tui na is the most popular kind of massage in the West due to its effectiveness.

Full-body massage and Reiki
A combination of a gentle massage and energy support of the body. Reiki energy therapy eases energy blockades in the body, stimulates natural abilities of healing, detoxifies, stimulates the natural defense system, improves psychophysical well-being, increases energy flow in the body …It is effective on mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. The therapy is extremely pleasant and relaxing.

Foot Reflexology massage
By applying pressure and massaging the reflex areas on your feet, we prompt restoration of the balance of the entire body. It is known as a natural form of healing as it stimulates blood circulation and the endocrine system and activates or calms down organic functions. The therapy not only relieves foot and leg pain but also helps with chronic fatigue and headache, reduces stress, and relaxes the entire body which is crucial with the modern lifestyle.

Back and neck massage
The upper body, i.e. back, shoulders, neck, and head, is the center of tension in our bodies. With massage, we achieve increased flexibility, relaxation of neck muscles, headache relief, and reduction of tension. The body regains vitality and strength.

Sports massage
Intended for athletes, either professional or recreational. The aim of the massage is to maintain normal and painless movement and restore the functionality of the body. It strengthens the immune system, stimulates excretion of toxic substances, increases oxygen flow, relaxes tired muscles, increases muscular performance and elasticity, and reduces cramping. The sports massage promotes faster regeneration which influences better efficiency in sports.

Massage for children under 15
Nowadays, also children suffer from busy schedules and difficult schoolwork, which affect their health. Relaxation helps them to achieve better results in school and in other activities. Healthy children also have better energy flow, which consequently keeps them fit and happy.


Our gym is a bit different than most gyms. We want to give our guests just the best, so you will find various fitness equipment, aerobics equipment, a climbing wall, a table football, and a billiard table. We believe everyone can find something for themselves to relax and replenish their body.